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book-barfDietThe Barf Diet: For Cats and Dogs
Give Your Dog a Bone

by Ian Billinghurst

The bible for all those interested in feeding raw food to cats and dogs for both beginners and the experienced Barf-er.

The book covers the sound scientific principles on which the evolutionary BARF diet – is based on. The question of feeding bones and the fear of bacteria in the BARF DIET. There are recipes and other highly relevant and practical information to assist in the home production of BARF diets for both dogs and cats.

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book-natNutDogNatural Nutrition For Dogs and Cats
by Kymythy Schultze

“Each new day brings validity to what wise nutritionists-and your mother-have been saying for years: Eat good food and stop eating junk!”

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book-realFoodReal Food for Dogs and Cats
by Clare Middle

Clare has written here a great little book. Based primarily on Ian Billinghurst’s work in The Barf Diet, but with additions of her own. I don’t agree with everything she’s written, but endorse most. A good read from a great vet.

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