Below are some links to organisations with whom I have an association and to recommended sites of interest.

Also, Holisticvet has a Facebook page and Nick Twitters when he can find anything worth publishing to the universe. You’re welcome to join Holisticvet on these sites.


Faculty of Homeopathy
The Faculty runs homeopathy for doctors, vets, dentists, nurses and podiatrists in this country. It was founded by an act of parliament in 1947. It gives information on good homeopathic research and a database on finding homeopathic vets (and doctors etc.) in your area. Essential.

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS)
A resource for finding a UK veterinary homeopath near you.

Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists (ABVA)
A resource to find a UK vet acupuncturist close to you.

British Association of Veterinary Herbalists (BAVH)
Pretty much as the name suggests – this is where all the vets who practice Veterinary Herbal Medicine link up. A useful resource for finding a vet near you.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
All vets in the UK have to be members of the Royal College – hence the letters MRCVS after all vet’s names. Here you can find out about what the Royal College does and how it can help you, the client.

They are not pro homeopathy, but they are definitely not against it. We are in discussions with them (the veterinary homeopaths in the UK) and our efforts, I’m sure, will one day result in our recognition by this august body.

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh
Well – you’ve got to allow me a bit of loyalty to my wonderful university. Here’s some details of the college I studied at between ’86 and ’92.

British Homeopathic Association
Runs in parallel with the Fac of Hom as their charitable arm – raising money to promote homeopathy. Please support.


Hyde Park Veterinary Centre, London W1
I was lucky enough to work with Andrew Prentis and his team at the HPVC for ten years. Lisa Hansen MRCVS has taken over the role of Veterinary Homeopath in Residence at the practice and I wish her well. She is an excellent Veterinary Homeopath.

Animal Ark Veterinary Centre, Goodmayes, Essex
I used to work with Lyndon a few years ago – but the travel to East London got too much. I fully support their work there, so this link is out of my allegiance to them.

Vale Vets, Bristol and Dursley
Again – I did some work with Mark Patterson years ago, and used to got to their Filton Branch in Bristol for a couple of years, so this is a link to them to say thanks.

The Vets, Salisbury
Howard and I worked together in the past, but like the rest, as things got busier in Bath, I had to let go of my peripheral practices to concentrate on the surgery in Bath.

Peter Brown at Pet Doctors
Peter and I worked in Chichester for years. He’s started a cutting edge practice on the Gold Coast of Australia, near Brisbane. He’s a great mate and I’m very happy to support his thriving practice.

Mark Elliott
Mark Elliot, with whom I used to work, has a thriving practice in Emsworth, near Chichester.
He consults in small animal, equine and human homeopathy. He is one of the foremost veterinary homeopaths in the UK. Do visit if you are anywhere near him.

Geoff Johnson MRCVS – Vet Homeopath
Geoff and I go back along time – actually I saw practice with him when I was a student and he was already in (conventional) practice. Then, one Glastonbury Festival, he has hay fever and was treated by a homeopath, even though he was sceptical. His cure convinced him there must be something in it. He’s now one of the powerful leading lights in vet homeopathy today.

Megan Kearney
Megan worked with Geoff Johnson and I to set up the first of the Animal Energy Conferences in 1999 (we’re now organising number 11!), so she was a stalwart of vet homeopathy in the UK before she had the audacity to move back to Australia in 2007. We still miss her here.


I’ve been working with Philip Ghazala and the people at Verm-X since winter ’08. We’re working to promote an alternative method for controlling parasites in our pets, horses, poultry and many other species (e.g. Llamas!). We’ve got a fantastic herbal combination that promotes gut health as well as creating an environment unconducive to parasites in the gut.

Natures Menu
Nature’s Menu are at the forefront of raw food feeding across Europe. I’m happy to support their tireless efforts to educate people on the joy and success of raw food feeding.

Natural Instinct Frozen Raw Food
Natural Instinct produce really top notch, pre-mixed meat, veg, fish oil, brewer’s yeast and more. I’m very happy to support them.

Higher Nature
Higher Nature are an excellent human and animal food supplement company. They have exacting standards combined with vision and efficient human service. I was a veterinary consultant to the company. We developed a new range of small animal food supplements to promote health.

Freeman’s Homeopathic Pharmacy, Glasgow
I’ve been lucky enough to use Freeman’s for homeopathic remedies since my practice started in 1999. Dr. Lee Kayne runs a family business offering fast, efficient homeopathic remedy service with a smile.

Ruff Hounds
Ruff Hounds (formerly Clever Dog Company Bath Branch) provides positive reward-based dog training. They run Puppy socialisation & training classes and Beginners classes for older dogs, as well as progression courses and private, one-to-one dog training.

All training is provided by APDT approved instructor and ABTC Accredited Animal Behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson.

Sites of Interest:

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre
I like Ben and his work because he trashes everyone. Unfortunately he finds much rich pickings with some of the nonsense that is talked of some alternative medicine, but I guess you can find this in any field. He’s a good writer and I love it when he has a go at the drug companies!

One Man, One Cow
Bio dynamic agriculture may be the answer to the world’s energy, food and water crisis.

Recommended Sites:

Find a Homeopath
Find a homeopath near you in the UK.

Elly Hodges – Digital Designer
Elly designed, created and helps me maintain this website. She is responsible for every pixel of this new site – and I’m very grateful for all her work. She is my right hand and I couldn’t do what I do without her.

Neil Gibson – Equine Bowen Practitioner
Neil is a Bath practitioner who’s been working with horses for years. He’s a Bowen Practitioner and I find his work very useful and it complements the homeopathy and the acupuncture I do.

The UK Wolf Conservation Trust
Yes, believe it or not, wolves are very responsive to homeopathy, too.


For economic veterinary prescriptions by post.

Maddy Casey – Canine Bowen Technique
Canine Bowen Technique is a safe, gentle, holistic therapy that uses light rolling moves over muscles and soft tissue. It encourages the body to heal itself naturally and is very effective in maintaining good health as well promoting pain-relief, reducing stress and relieving structural problems.

Ted – Ideas Worth Spreading
TED is one of my favourite sites – if ever I need some inspiration, motivation, courage or just want my mind stimulated, TED is the place. They get the top people from the world of medicine, politics, astronomy, physics, sociology, adventure and discovery etc. etc. etc. and give them 20 minutes to talk – on whatever they like. Its like being able to tap into the worlds best brains at the drop of a hat. Free. Brilliant.

Campaign For Truth
Philip Day runs this site – its a UK site. He’s a pioneering journalist who’s taken it upon himself to uncover misleading aspects of modern human medicine; a bit like a U.K. Michael Moore, if you like. I like what he’s doing, but find his written style often really difficult. Still – he’s well worth following if you like your medical news controversial.

Similar to CFT (Campaign for Truth), but bigger, U.S. orientated and even more scary e.g. Careful with your Water Filters – Hotel Water Filters Could Kill You etc. A good site for basic knowledge on the other side of any medical problem you care to mention.

Northspirit Alaskan Malamutes
“We are Storm Rodger and Tom Wheeler, and together with our beautiful dogs we make up Northspirit Alaskan Malamutes. We have had Alaskan Malamutes since 2007, and they certainly have changed our lives… for the better.”

Dog Friendly Cotswolds
A collective resource featuring all things dog friendly in the Cotswolds.

Panache Display
Very big thanks to Nicola Edwards of Panache Display for her beautiful photography. The background image used on this website is hers.

Martin Stubbs IAZ
Thanks to Martin, academy manager at Ingraham Applied Zoopharmacognosy, for the use of his photography from the Natural Dog Conference, Birmingham in 2015.

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