Canine Case Study

Tilly the CKC Spaniel

Tilly, my 7.5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has suffered with Colitis for most of her life. Sometimes worse, sometimes better, but always there.

In December 2005 a really bad spell of it left her spending Christmas in the vet’s surgery on a drip due to haemorrhage. Following this she was put on some medicine, which really helped to settle things.

All went well for about six months, the diarrhea was under control, she was well and we were entering agility competitions. When Tilly developed a cough, I thought she may have caught kennel cough at one of the shows. The vets did not think it was this, but she continued to cough.
Over the next few months, Tilly’s health gradually deteriorated. The coughing was continuous, she would bring up liquid, especially after resting or while exercising, sometimes with such force she would gasp for breath. All agility had stopped by now and even a short walk usually ended by her being carried home.

The vets were very good by treating each new symptom. She was now having a cocktail of drugs.

When she developed pains through the night as well, and I spent hours rubbing her sides and comforting her I could hardly believe my thoughts drifting towards euthanasia. My dear, brave little dog was suffering so much, I couldn’t bear to see it. It was at this point that someone suggested she may be suffering from side effects from the drugs and why not try an alternative treatment. Dare I try it? The drugs kept the diarrhea controlled but seemed to be making her ill.

Nick was recommended to me, but it took me three weeks to ring for an appointment. Could he really do something for Tilly that didn’t use drugs?

Well I can tell you, yes, he could – and he has. In five weeks, with his help, my Tilly who was so sick, was a picture of health. No pain, no diarrhea, no coughing, enjoying walks, doing agility again, waiting eagerly for each meal.

I would have hardly thought such a thing a short while ago, I was considering putting her to sleep and now she is so happy and healthy and taking no medication.

I am so thankful we tried the holistic way. Why don’t you try it too?

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