Natural Nutrition

The Raw Food Diet

The drive of this approach is towards a wild-type diet. The dog has evolved over thousands of years to eat certain raw foods. These foods then, logically, must be best suited to optimal health. There is an argument that dogs in different geographical areas of the world will have evolved to eat variations on this basic wild diet.

I think this is probably the case, but the degree that this affects the dog is minimal compared to the quantum shift from commercial to raw food.

The Canid in the wild is essentially a hunter/scavenger. It will be eating a very varied diet based mainly on hunted and scavenged ruminant and small mammal carcases, scavenge fruit, berries nuts and roots etc. When they eat a carcase, they start with the viscera, including the gut content (liquidised raw grass, cereal and vegetable matter), then move onto muscle and other tissues. They are finally left with bones on which to chew.

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