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Worm Egg Counts for:

We can also test for Lungworm in dogs if you send us 3 samples taken on 3 different days.

Titre Testing for Parvo, Distemper and Hepatitis for Minimal Vaccination guidance
We are happy to take blood from your dog at the practice, or at your home, for testing for antibodies to Parvovirus, Distemper and for Adenovirus (Adenovirus causes Hepatitis).

With these results we are happy to help you make vaccination decisions for your dog.

Thyroid Testing
Hypothyroidism is more and more recognised as the cause of long standing disease in dogs; chronic skin disease, aggression, bowel problems, behavioural issues and poor immunity can all be linked to low thyroid function.

We are happy to take blood at the practice, or at your home, prepare the samples, then send them to Hemopet Laboratories in California for their comprehensive TP4 or TP5 profile.

For more information on Hypothyroidism in dogs, you might want to read The Canine Thyroid Epidemic by Dr. Jean Dodds DVM, as mentioned in our Reading section.

We can also test cats for thyroid function. We send feline bloods to Hemopet, too.

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