Help to fund Raw Feeding Research

DogRisk is an important Project at Helsinki University, Finland, researching the benefits of raw food for dogs.

It’s the biggest university department raw food project in the world. It’s very underfunded.

If your dog or cat has benefitted from a change to raw or fresh food, and you can afford a few pounds (four paws, four pounds?), this could help convince the kibble feeding world and vets all over the world of the incredible benefits of raw.

Please help by giving a donation.

Click here for a list of research papers they have produced, in very financially constrained circumstances, so far. They have another 40 papers that they could write. The only thing standing in their way is cash. Help them to help us all, please.

Visit our DogRisk page to find out more information or click the button below to make a donation now.


Research in Raw Feeding

The RFVS Position Statement is a good place to start when doing research into raw feeding.

Here is the introduction:

“Benefit, bugs, balance and bones: these are the four major criticisms of feeding a raw meaty bones diet (RMBD) to cats and dogs as stated by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association in 2011, claiming harm to pets and pet owners. We, the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS), strongly contest these criticisms, namely that there is a lack of evidence for the proposed benefit of raw food, that there is a threat of food-borne infection, that it does not offer dogs and cats a complete and balanced diet and that there is a risk associated with feeding raw, bony material to pets. We shall fully counter each of these four criticisms with current and referenced argument. Lastly, we will define a ‘gold standard’ for the whole pet food industry.”

Research in Homeopathy

All the detractors of homeopathy say ‘there’s no evidence’.

Click here for 203 human, 88 animal, 20 plant and 49 in vitro studies which suggest otherwise.

Hopefully this will make them re-think their mantra.

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