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We also have 'Raw Food: The Basics', a course of 10 short lessons to get you off to a flying start with your raw food journey. It will cost you the price of a few coffees and you can keep it forever! If you’re a veteran raw feeder, you might enjoy having a look to keep up to date.

If you run a raw food shop, you’ll love it – you can refer new clients to here where they can get the Raw Food: The Basics video for themselves, freeing up your time to deal with more in depth queries. Sorted! Enjoy.

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Guest: Karla Pearson
Topic: Transitioning to Raw
Key Themes Discussed:

  • Transitioning pups
  • Transitioning adults
  • 3 methods of transition

Featuring: Nick Thompson
Topic: Puppies and Diarrhoea
Key Themes Discussed:

Diarrhoea from:

  • diet and what to do about it
  • parasites and what to do about it. 
  • infections and what to do about it. 

As RPM (The Raw Pet Medics) Dr Conor Brady, Dr Brendan Clarke and I talk about Brendan’s new book: Raw Feeding Dogs - the science behind the dry vs. raw debate. 

Topic: Conor’s Book
Key Themes Discussed:

  • Conor’s Book
  • Raw versus Kibble
  • Why vets don’t ‘get’ raw

Guest: Dr. Andrew Prentis
Topic: Rational Vaccination, Worming, Flea and Tick Prevention and Nutrition
Key Themes Discussed:

  • Evidence based veterinary practice
  • Ecology, sustainability and veterinary medicine
  • Vaccination, Worming, External Parasites and Species-Appropriate Nutrition

Guest: Davinia Taylor
Topic: Davinia's new book and SO much more. Not to be missed!
Key Themes Discussed:

  • Danger of seed oils
  • Minimal worming
  • Flea & tick treatment

Guest: Billy Hoekman
Topic: Food nutrition!
Key Themes Discussed:

  • How to improve the ancestral diet
  • His company Green Juju 
  • Fats: omega 3:6 ratios
  • Deep nutrition by Katherine Shanahan