Canine Case Study

Alfie the Airedale

“Alfie, our Airedale, began to have health problems four years ago when he developed arthritis. This became apparent after a much further than normal (for him) hike. Our daughter took him rambling on the hills around Wotton under Edge, which he managed at the time – but on return he flopped down and was unable to get up again without great pain and discomfort. The conventional treatment was a course of an anti-inflammatory drug, which dampened down the symptoms of pain, stiffness and inflammation – with Glucosamine as a long term supplement.

Two years ago we noticed that Alfie was stopping and panting frequently on his walks, and this time he was diagnosed with a major heart problem with fluid in his lungs. The conventional treatment for this was a course of diuretic tablets to clear the fluid, and a powerful heart medication which he would need for the rest of his life.

Finding out about Alfie’s heart disease was difficult and depressing for me, as it evoked the experience of close family members who had been diagnosed with severe and unrelenting conditions. I remember wishing at these times that the clock could be turned back to the day before such diagnoses. The treatment stopped him getting worse, but it was only when he saw Nick Thompson that Alfie began to get better.

Our first appointment with Nick was 28/09/07, and it was so good to be given hope for improvement through homeopathy and nutrition. Nick prescribed Cretageus and Digoxin drops for the heart condition, and Rhus Tox for arthritis. We also discussed how to get Alfie’s weight down a little, and as his joints and spine were found to be out of alignment, a short course of Osteopathy was recommended to correct this.

Almost two years later, Alfie is a different dog. He is still the same laid-back couch potato as always, but physically the change is nothing short of miraculous. Both our conventional vet and Nick can detect no abnormality with his heart, quite an achievement considering that the conventional heart medication was reduced by half around a year ago. This is in effect a tiny dog’s dose,and it was possible to achieve because Alfie’s heart was performing so well.

Alfie’s joint and mobility problems have been alleviated to a great extent, up until recently he was on Rhus Tox as and when necessary. He recently strained himself trying to jump into a ‘people carrier’ (higher than the car he is used to) Nick suggested an increase in the Rhus Tox to twice daily, which has worked really well and resulted in us having to run to catch up with him at times.

It is reassuring to know that whatever twists and turns Alfie’s health takes, Nick will be able to intervene with a gentle but highly effective remedy which is side-effect free. We did discover one side-effect, though – much to our amazement, Alfie’s Neem chewy sticks ( one three times per day to benefit his heart, arthritis and dental health) also prevent him having fleas. The Frontline chemical treatment we bought a year ago remains unused. Fleas do not appear to like the taste of Neem!”

Richard and Teresa Bacon, 11/09/09

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