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Herbal Medicine

book-vetHerbMedVeterinary Herbal Medicine
by Susan G. Wynn DVM

The bible of vet herbal medicine. All you need to know. Again – beware – this book will give you information which, if you are not qualified, could be dangerous.

As a reference for vets and non-vets, it is sublime – rigorous and scientific as only Susan Wynn can be – readable and every page containing real gems of information for all levels of proficiency.

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book-herbMedDogHerbal Medicine for Dogs
by Mary Boughton

Just a simple, no nonsense paperback to whet your appetite for herbal medicine. A great place to start – not to much jargon, not too much biochemistry, just simple instructions on how to use herbs in the home for your dog.

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book-herbCatCareDr.Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Cat Care
by Randy Kidd

‘Cats are not small dogs’, as they tell you at vet college. Nothing is more pertinent than when dealing with cats with herbs or essential oils. If you have a cat, then get a cat book, do not assume that there is complete crossover with herbs. There is most definitely not.

This is a good example of a cat book that will keep you out of trouble. Again – if in doubt, consult your vet for a diagnosis and then to chat about treatment options.

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book-modHorseHerbA Modern Horse Herbal
by Hilary Page Self

Simple, well written and everything you need to get you off the ground.

Hilary has been advising us on herbs for horses for years. At last she’s written a lovely book for our own reference.

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book-secretThe Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in Direct Perception of Nature
by Stephen Harrod Buhner

A discussion of plants and how man related to, relates to and how he should, in future, relate to plants. Buhner maintains ‘the heart is a brain in its own right’ and goes on to explore the physical mechanisms of heart based cognition; indigenous people know of the properties of their local flora – not through trial and error experimentation, but ‘from the plants themselves’.

An intriguing book.

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